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Speaking Topics

If you are interested in any of the following topics for your next meeting, please contact me at Presentations can be tailored between 30 and 90 minutes depending on the depth level and time allowance of your organization and can be held at any location.

Correlations Between Markets, Wealth and Poverty Reduction
A presentation of surprising correlations that are counter to many of the pre-conceived notions about how markets and poverty are linked.  This is a non-academic presentation geared toward an audience that is outside the field of economics and finance.

The Business Vocation
An inspirational review of how going to work can be a vocation which both serves the needs of the community and answers a calling from God.  I draw on references from the papal encyclical Charity and Truth and other Catholic social teaching to explain how our calling in our work life can be a fulfillment of our duty of stewardship and an opportunity to create a world with less poverty.  I explain entrepreneurship and how it can fit with our responsibilities as Christians.  I also discuss a new type of organization, encouraged by Pope Benedict XVI in Charity and Truth, which seeks not only profits but also the purpose of improving the community.

Charity and Truth: Understanding the Economic Concepts
In the encyclical Charity and Truth, Pope Benedict calls for many actions, some of which are relatively new in the Church's social teaching.  This presentation discusses and explains many of the aspects of the encyclical related to finance and economics which may not be understood by those who are not familiar with these fields.  This is presentation geared toward an audience with little economics and finance knowledge but who are seeking a deeper understanding of these parts of the encyclical.

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